Maajaam is a farm for art and tech situated in South of Estonia. It is is concentrated on researching of, experimenting with and reflecting on the relationships between people, technology and nature. Substituting the urban environment with a hilly rural landscape allows us to observe technology in it’s pure form. Mixing the past technological wonders of the historical farm with present day hi-tech offers us a shift in perspective. This perspective is projected through the prism of art. Maajaam is operated by artists Timo Toots and Mari-Liis Rebane. We run an artist residency, a creative studio and an art park.

Maajaam (🎵) means "earth station" in Estonian.

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We are situated situated near Otepää, South of Estonia, North-East Europe, on planet Earth, in the Solar system in the Milky Way galaxy.


Maajaam offers different programs for living and working in Southern Estonian nature. We are open for artists, makers, scientists, writers, hackers, designers, film-makers, sound artists, musicians etc who want to get out of town and spend some focused time for themselves or their projects.

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Small rural art center has several houses for art production, exhibition and accomodation.

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Art park for outdoor technolocial art exhibitions since 2013. The surrounding landscape of Maajaam can host exhibitions for art works that create new interfaces to nature, help understand the environmental processes and step out of the urban technolocial box.

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This website was built in 2021 with the support of Enterprise Estonia. Thank you!
The residency house is constructed with the support of Ministry of Culture. Thank you!
European Union has supported the construction of laboratory house in 2018 and trolly workshop in 2022. Thank you!