The residency house has all working and living conditions for the visiting artists.

The ground floor includes an open studio, kitchen, shower and toilets. Second floor has two smaller and two bigger bedrooms. There is some attic space as well.


Ground floor has 50m2 open space for all kinds of creative work.

The artists can change the setting and use it for:

  • video studio
  • photo studio
  • sound studio
  • rehersal space
  • office space
  • desk space
  • workshop space
  • etc


The kitchen has everything artists need for cooking and cleaning, including a dishwasher and a washing machine.

Bathroom and toilets

There is one shared bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The second toilet is available as well.


There are four bedrooms in total. Two are smaller and two are bigger. All bedrooms have two single beds. It’s possible to join the beds for couples as well.

Attic space

The third floor is for adventurous visitors or just for hiding out. It has two double size mattraces for sleeping and a climbing net for fun.