Small rural art center has several houses for art production, exhibition and accomodation.

New residency house

In summer 2021 we received a grant to build a new house specially for artist residencies. We have finished the architecture and now going to construction phase. The house need to be ready in 2021. As the grant covers only part of the construction we are looking for help in funding and building the house. Please check our crowdfunding page for ways to help. We are also looking for volunteers for November and December this year to help with the construction. Check our volunteering page for details. See the architecture plans below.


We try to provide possiblities to create all kinds of art forms to be able to combine them. We have sound equipment (mixers, sound cards, studio monitors etc), photo equipment (Canon DSLR, analog cameras, lenses). For woodwork we have saws, drills, routers etc. For metalwork (CNC plasma cutting, welding, etc). Also there is a laser cutter, 3D-printer and electronics workbench.


Capsule Cabins

Second floor of the residency house will have 4 double rooms for accomodation.



Ground floor of the residency will have 50m2 open space for all kinds of creative work.



House of lasers, electrons and computing. High tech art lab.

04 20180823_10-39-22.jpg


Dusty worshop shack.


Smoke sauna

Traditional smoke sauna build in 1928.



Neighboring farm for horses, alpacas and other animals. Tours obligatory!