The artist-in-residency program started in 2013 and is the core of MAAJAAM experience. We invite artists, makers, scientists, hackers to work on projects that link to the concept of MAAJAAM. The projects often use materials and esthetics of the farm or natural environment.

The idea is to layer all the projects on top of each creating an inspiring environment for artists and visitors as well. The works will be in a natural cycle of creation and decay.

MAAJAAM is situated in a remote area and built in a traditional farm. So the conditions depend a lot of the location and architecture. There is a private room for residencies, but all other spaces are shared. MAAJAAM has 4G mobile internet with unlimited data plan shared over local Wifi network.

We also welcome volunteers or interns who would like to live here, learn different processes and help with the ongoing projects of MAAJAAM.

We are family friendly, so partners, kids, dogs etc are welcome.

Apart from work and sleep, you can also try the traditional Southern Estonian smoke sauna.

In the house there are two cats and a dog. Also there is a strong birch pollen season in the spring.

The weekly price for artist-in-residence is 100€ per person. There is no fee for volunteers-in-residence, but also no salary. It's possible to combine the two residency types by doing partly volunteer work and your own project. Transportation, food and other expenses should be covered by the resident.

As this place is remote, a car is necessity. All volunteers and artists have a possiblity to use a car (with manual gearbox).

It is possible to come for short visits. Contact us for availablity!

Living conditions

Kitchen (in progress)
Kitchen panorama
Library, study and cinema
Traditional smoke sauna
Guest bedroom
Shower and WC
Summer Studio

Frequent residents

image Derek Holzer
1972 / US
Frequent resident and adviser.
Artist's portfolio
image Taavi Suisalu
1982 / EE
Frequent resident and adviser.
Artist's portfolio
image Erik Alalooga
1974 / EE
Frequent resident and adviser.
Artist's portfolio
image Varvara & Mar
Frequent residents and advisers.
Artists' portfolio


image Antti Laitinen
1975 / FI
Artist's portfolio
image Theun Karelse
1974 / NL
Artist's portfolio
image Steve Maher
Project: Overhead
Artist's portfolio
image Hannah Harkes
1989 / SCO + EE
Artist's portfolio

image Brian House
1979 / US
Artist's portfolio
image Paula Vitola
Artist's portfolio
image Aivar Tõnso
Artist's portfolio


image Martin Reiche
1988 / DE
Artist's portfolio
image Jacek Szczepanek
1984 / PL
Artist's portfolio


image Yuri Landman
1973 / NL
Artist's portfolio
image Dewi De Vree
1983 / NL
Artist's portfolio
image Marcelina Wellmer
Artist's portfolio
image Marco Donnarumma
1984 / IT
Artist's portfolio

image Error Collective
Artist group / US+CAN
Group's portfolio