Maajaam offers different programs for living and working in Southern Estonian nature. We are open for artists, makers, scientists, writers, hackers, designers, film-makers, sound artists, musicians etc who want to get out of town and spend some focused time for themselves or their projects.

Residency program

The artist-in-residency program started in 2013. Until now the program has been with hectic schedule as we have accomodated the residencies in our own living spaces. Starting from 2022 the new residency house will allow hosting more residencies.


There are different programs with different financial schemes. Some of them are fully funded, others partly funded and some rent-based. We are private organization that has to sustain the operations in the long term. Please check our crowdfunding page for ways to help. We are also looking for volunteers and interns. Check our volunteering page for details.


Our aim is to create perfect melting pot in the middle of the nature for art and technology. To bring people from different fields together and think together about the past and the future. We try to provide spaces and tools for creative freedom to experiment, fantasize and envision.


We try to provide possiblities to create all kinds of art forms to be able to combine them. We have sound equipment (mixers, sound cards, studio monitors etc), photo equipment (Canon DSLR, analog cameras, lenses). For woodwork we have saws, drills, routers etc. For metalwork (CNC plasma cutting, welding, etc). Also there is a laser cutter, 3D-printer and electronics workbench. Check our spaces page for details.


Ukraine 2022

Emergency residency program for help three Ukrainian artist be safe from the war zone.

DEADLINE 28.02.2022

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