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Winter sleep

We are in deep winter sleep at the moment.

So feel free to browse the past projects.

In 2016 there will be no open call for residencies as our residency schedule is booked by a new staff member.

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Winter and Aki

31. Jan 2016

Artist in residency: Derek Holzer

Derek preparing some potatoes. He will be also performing in the non-existent-villages tour with Marco Donnarumma and giving a workshop on electronic sound boxes in Tallinn.

Join the workshop!

Derek’s website

25. Jul 2014

Artist in residency: Marco Donnarumma

Marco in his new office writing his PhD. He will be performing during the non-existent-villages tour with Derek Holzer in Kaku village.

He will be giving a workshop on body sensors in Kultuurikatel in Tallinn. Sign up for the workshop!

Marco’s website.

25. Jul 2014