MAAJAAM is announcing opportunities for artists, makers and volunteers for the first half of year 2019.

As the construction works are getting finished and spaces are taking shape we announce open call for period March – July 2019.

We are looking for artists, makers, scientist, hackers, writers and volunteers to live and work here for a short period. Residency is open for a single person (or a team of two) for maximum period of 4 weeks. Minimum stay is 1 week. Residency is family friendly and pets/kids are welcomed. During warmer months (June and July) it is also possible to host small groups (5 people maximum).

Our residency program is experimental and we are trying out different ways to host people. To sustain the operation of the farm, we are opening two types of residencies this year: free (for volunteers) and non-free (for professionals).

Volunteer-in-residency is a free program for people who would like to stay in MAAJAAM and help the ongoing projects with the abilities they have. The volunteers could be coming from art, technology or other fields. Volunteers are expected to help with the operations of MAAJAAM and all projects happening in the studio at that time. The volunteers should be able to communicate in English. There is no rent for volunteers, but they are expected to pay for their own travels and all other expenses (shared food and personal needs).

Artist-in-residency is non-free program for artists and makers who would like to work on their own project and use the studio for their professional needs. The artist's own work is expected to somehow align with the MAAJAAM’s artistic approach. The focus point of the residency could be either sleep-and-think, research-and-study, play-and-prototype or finish-the-project or combination of any. Please check the possibilities in the studio before submitting projects. If the requirements are out of the studio's scope, support to find 3rd party partners will be available. Weekly fee for this program is 100€ per person. Artists are expected to pay for their own materials. Compensation is possible if the work stays in MAAJAAM.

It is also possible to combine the two residency types.


Deadline for proposals: 20th January 2019
EXTENDED DEADLINE 25th January 2019
Residency period: 1st of March - 31st of July 2019
Residency duration: 1 - 4 weeks

The weekly fee for artists is 100€ per person and is expected to be payed in advance over bank transfer. Rent is free for volunteers.

Volunteers and artists can use a car for free. Artists are expected to buy their own gas. The gas is payed for the volunteers for project-related trips.

Both volunteers and artists should cover their own travel expenses. We offer invitation letters for appling for travel grants from Nordic Council of Ministers (Norden), STEP Travel Grants or ASEF Mobility First! or elsewhere.

Operating in an old farm in rural area, the living conditions are simple. All the spaces are shared and cooking will be done collectively. There is one guest room for the volunteer/artist. In the warmer months (June-August) it is possible to use semi-outdoor sleeping spaces to host more people.

There is a dog and two cats living in the farm, so having pet allergies might be a problem.

For any questions contact us at


To apply for the residency, please send the following information to e-mail:


  • Name(s) of person(s)
  • Date and place of birth
  • City/Country traveling from
  • Short biography
  • Length of the residency
  • Possible dates for the residency
  • Do you have driver's license?


  • Link to website/portfolio
  • Short description of the work
  • Required tools in the studio
  • Required materials
  • Sketches or images of the project if available


  • Areas of interest/expertise?
    • photography?
    • videography?
    • graphic design?
    • marketing?
    • 3D design?
    • organizing?
    • biology?
    • gardening?
    • carpentry?
    • construction?
    • engineering?
    • electronics?
    • programming?
    • welding?
    • anything else?
  • What would like to get out of this experience?


EXTENDED DEADLINE 25th January 2019

After the pre-selection, artists and volunteers are expected to do a video (Skype) interview before the final list. The choices between artist and volunteers will be balanced by the quality of proposals and current projects of MAAJAAM.

The pre-selection will be done at 31st of January.