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  • Latitude: 58.0987895

  • Longitude: 26.5563315

  • Altitude: 140m



Distance from Tallinn is 214km and from Tartu it is 38km. The easiest way is to use Google Maps and search for “Maajaam”. But do not trust the GPS fully in the last 3km as it sometimes directs people to very very bad roads. So here is also manual directions from Tartu:

  • drive to direction Võru (route 2)
  • in 16km turn right to direction Otepää (route 46)
  • in 13km turn left to direction Lutike (route 168)
  • drive straight on gravel road until asphalt
  • drive 900m past Ponimaa
  • before sign “Vana-Otepää” turn right and head down the hill
  • you arrived!


Estonia has usually 4 seaons which means weather is very varied. Check forecast before you come to be prepared.

Full weather forecast



Tallinn, Estonia

The easiest access is through Tallinn Airport. There are direct flights from several European airports.

See flights to Tallinn on airport website

There are few bus connections to Maajaam.

Airport - Tartu - Otepää
(many departures)

  1. bus 2.5h: Airport - Tartu
  2. bus 45min: Tartu - Otepää
  3. taxi or pickup 6km: Otepää - Maajaam

Airport - Otepää
(once a day)

  1. bus 3h: Airport - Otepää
  2. taxi or pickup: Otepää - Maajaam

Riga, Latvia

There are more flights from Riga Airport and the distance to Maajaam is similar as to Tallinn, but with fewer bus/train connections

See direct flights to Riga

Airport website

Airport - Tartu - Otepää (twice a day)

  1. bus 5h: Airport-Tartu
  2. bus 45min: Tartu - Otepää
  3. taxi or pickup 6km: Otepää - Maajaam

Tartu, Estonia

The closest airport is Tartu, but currently it is not operating any flights to anywhere.

Airport website