festival / 2018

At a time when our senses are becoming ever more networked, so do our bodies scatter amid new technologies. Our patterns of behaviour and the environments we inhabit interact with technologies envisioned by global markets. Subsequent generations awaken as natives to new technological normalities being disjunct to realities of their predecessors. Digital natives wander in fields of wild bits to explore and expand what was already there. The exhibition "Wild Bits" takes place on the frontier of these overlapping normalities, inviting to contemplate, question and explore aspects of technological society, its influence on our behaviour, perception and thinking.

Artists brought to MAAJAAM through an international open call will spend ten days at the residency of MAAJAAM and present their works to the public on the 21st and 22nd of July. 21st of July is the official opening of the exhibition, but the exhibition is also open during the whole day of July 22nd.

NB! You can reserve a seat in the bus that takes you to the MAAJAAM exhibition opening, but also to the opening of an exhibition “Wild” in Mooste. You start your journey from Tallinn or Riga: the routes are Tallinn-Mooste-Maajaam-Tallinn or Riga-Maajaam-Mooste-Riga. More info about buses soon!

“MAAJAAM: Wild Bits” is part of Estonia 100 art programme. The project is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Eesti keeles

21.-22. July 2018
In MAAJAAM in South of Estonia

Audience busses from Riga and Tallinn.
Only on 21st on July. Book a seat now!


Varvara & Mar
Antti Laitinen
Theun Karelse
Steve Maher
Hannah Harkes
Brian House
Taavi Suisalu
Timo Toots
Paula Vītola
Aivar Tõnso

Timo Toots
Taavi Suisalu
Kadri Lind / UIT
Marie Kliiman / UIT