installation / 2018

Estonian people are used to extreme heat therapy called a sauna, but the idea of light with its healing abilities is rarely used. In this sauna, instead of heat we have a room full of powerful light. People are allowed to go inside and sit on a bench to take a session of light therapy to treat all the dark November moods.

In Maajaam, Light Sauna will be permanently installed and will serve as light and temperature sauna at the same time.

Tartu Valgus 2018

Idea, design, construction: Timo Toots
Engineering: Triinu Olm, Roomet Raig
Construction: Kaarel Narro, Eero Liiva

Welement, Raitwood, Ledshop, Tartu Valgus, Kalev Toots, Jarmo Võsa, Lauri Tuulberg, Pent Talvet, Karli Kontkar, Ivar Dembovski, Rainer Kala