Derek Holzer / 2013

During 3 day workshop 6 people were building themselves analog synthesizer under guidance of Derek Holzer.

The synthesizers were based on Weird Sound Generator by MFOS.

Additionally one “music suitcase” was constructed as well.

The presentation of the music machines took place in Uus Õu in Tartu.

Derek Holzer (born 1972/US/DE)

Kaarel Narro
Taavi Suisalu
Mihkel Tomberg
Kalev Toots
Timo Toots
Aivar Tõnso
Bianca-Triinu Toots
Annabel Põder

Derek Holzer and the students
Working in the studio
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Sound briefcase getting ready.
Portrait of the new generation of nerds.
Front panels made with toner transfer method.
Weird sound generator half way.
Lunch time
Patrick McGinley making the sound of Common Wood Pigeon.
Sauna party
Presentation in Tartu
Presentation in Tartu, Erkki Hüva trying the synth out.